At Creative kids
we focus on building a "family" atmosphere in which your children will live, work and play. By re-creating the loving care and guidance that comes from yourselves, we aim to create a unique link with your child between home and nursery. As soon as you walk in our doors, you will feel the active happy buzz of children, promoting a positive self-image. All babies and young children are naturally curious and want to learn; therefore, everything they do is a learning experience. We help this along with carefully chosen activities to encourage the physical, intellectual, social and emotional progress of each individual.

This complete nurturing of the children's growth and development we call the "Whole Child". It is our blueprint by which we tailor our skills and activities towards giving each child a well-balanced constructive day.

In the BABY rooms we provide a mix of organised play, encouraging curiosity and interest, thus stimulating their desire to learn and find out more. We nurture their awareness and encourage social skills.

As they develop to the TODDLER age, the children learn to share and enjoy listening to stories and music; they are involved in lots of creative activities, books and toys. We also help potty training at this stage with the liaison from home.


Creative Kids Nurseries are purpose built to the highest specification, to provide the safest and most secure environment possible. The buildings are designed to meet the various needs of the children and staff.


The rooms are clean and bright, and each has colourful fittings that stimulate young children and promote learning through colours.


Each room is fitted with child size toilets, low level hand basins and paper towel dispensers, this means that no child has to leave the room to use the toilet, and the child to staff ratio is maintained at all times.

CCTV cameras are monitoring each classroom throughout the day, thus permitting the manager to independantly monitor what is happening in the classroom and also allowing parents/carers to observe their child if they so wish














The safety of the children is our paramount concern. Some of our many safety features incorporated into the classrooms and grounds of Creative Kids are listed below: -

  • Finger-guards on the hinge side of doors
  • Safety glass on all windows and doors High level plug sockets in all rooms
  • Under floor heating - so there are no radiators for children to bump or burn themselves on.
  • CCTV surrounding the buildings and car park
  • Strict control on nursery access via front door security system
  • Security lighting surrounding buildings
  • Six-foot fencing surrounding the side and back of building


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